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The Fluid is an excellent full depth tread all-rounder ideal for cross country and all mountain (trail bike) riding. The Fluid is designed primarily for front tyre use though it’s equally adept when used in the rear. The Fluid is light enough for steady state cross-country rides, but with enough meat to cope with some off-piste action. The Wide spaced squared ‘four by four’ block tread is designed to give excellent stability with lots of sharp cutting edges, to help bite into the trail surface and manage detail line changes. The broad tread block spacing also assists in making the Fluid a tyre with good self-cleaning characteristics.
The Fluid’s carcass is designed with a high volume air chamber, this helps the tyre absorb impacts and trail vibrations. The shoulders are broad and slightly rounded – this helps the tyre present the tread blocks to the ground without the slow or sluggish feeling which very square profile front tyres can cause especially in larger wheel diameters. 

The well buttressed side knobs ensure the Fluid excels in fast carving turns, giving a predictable level of feedback on levels of traction and slide. Front tyres should promote rider confidence; the dependable Fluid has it in spades.
While the deep tread and sharp edges eat up loamy soils and stony surfaces, the Fluid also rolls efficiently on harder surfaces, making it a fit-and-forget choice for use all year round use. 


SKU: B33905
  • Compound

    Dual Control Compound 56 A/48 A

  • Tire Casing

    TPI 72 

  • Bead Type


  • Tire Pressure Recommended

    22.5-50 PSI (1.6-3.5 bar)

  • Feature Details

    DCC Compound

    Synthesis Sidewall

    Tubeless Ready

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