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The Crown R is the rear specific tyre in the VeeTireCo Crown range. We think of it as the engine-room, the place where the drive comes from. Like it’s front specific Crown F brother, the Crown R is a tyre you can trust to fit and forget – just let it get on with powering you though those eye-of-the-needle sections of trail, while you marvel at the speed it rolls at. While the Crown R is a rear specific, directional, tread, it can be used up front when the conditions are dry, loose and intermediate, where the low-profile, close-spaced, small-block tread pattern encourages fast rolling. The V shaped chevron tread blocks are fast, but they also grip dirt better than perhaps you might expect

The Crown R is a full width trail tyre and utilises a semi-rounded carcass cross-section to promote an easy turning feel transitioning from the centre, though the shoulders to the well supported edges without fuss. Line up the turns, carve and get back on the gas – with the Crown R it’s that easy.