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The Crown F is where the action is, a tyre you can trust to fit and forget – just let it get on with steering you though those eye-of-the-needle sections of trail, while you marvel at the speed you can hit it at. The Crown F could be used front and rear, though its specialist position is up front. There, the small chevron shape centre knobs help the tyre carry good speed on the straights, complete with sipes to seek out all available grip, enhance feel and build confidence. The centre tread area works closely with broad paddle shaped tread blocks to ensure even traction right through the corner carving process, from centre, though the intermediate zone and out to the shoulders. This focussed front tyre design lends an unusual and intriguing appearance to the Crown F, we think it takes only a few railed corners, before you’ll know you made the right choice

The Crown F utilises a semi-rounded carcass cross-section to promote a feeling of confidence when leaning on the edges in fast, loose turns. Because it’s not totally squared-off like the hard hitting Flow Rumba it means the Crown F’s centre section touches the trail first and helps keep rolling resistance to a minimum for a full volume trail front tyre. 


  • Compound

    Tackee Compound 48 A 
    Dual Control Compound 56A , 48A 

  • Tire Casing

    TPI 90 

  • Bead Type


  • Tire Pressure Recommended

    22.5-50 PSI (1.6-3.5bar)

  • Feature Details

    Tackee Compound

    DCC Compound

    Enduro Core

    Tubeless Ready

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