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FAT TIRE/FAT BIKE | The Bulldozer is a 4.7-inch wide behemoth, designed to pound the trail into submission, regardless of how soft, lose or wet the terrain is. At the heart of the Bulldozer is an aggressive tread pattern, based on the popular Trail Taker MTB model and magnified to cover it’s nearly 5-inch wide carcass. The tread pattern is an alternating one of twin paddle blades each side of the centre line, interspersed with a chamfered edge centre block – both a digging and driving hard to deliver you to your destination in record time.


SKU: B37308
  • Compound

    Silica Compound 57 A 
    Pure Silica Compound 50 A 

  • Tire Casing

    TPI 120 

  • Bead Type


  • Tire Pressure Recommended

    8-20 PSI (0.6 - 1.4bar)

  • Feature Details

    Silicia Compound

    PSC Compound

    Tubeless Ready

    E-Bike Compound

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