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Our flagship road tire, the Apache, follows the traditions of performance road tyres with a full ‘slick’ surface, only interrupted with inverted ‘VEE’ logos around the outermost sections of the shoulder to help with grip and water dispersion. The profile of the Apache is similar to that used on Moto GP tyres, in that it has a slight ‘A’ shape in cross-section. The crown of the Apache tyre presents the lowest possible rolling resistance to the road surface, while the slightly flattened shoulders ensure the maximum presentation of rubber to the road when you have them leaned over in turns. 

Our Continuum rubber compound is grippy both in the wet and the dry, yet grip does not come at the expense of durability as the Apache is also exceptionally hard wearing. So whether you’re training for the next event, or head down sprinting for the finish line, you can be sure that the Apache is right there for you. 


  • Compound

    Continuum Compound 66 A 

  • Tire Casing

    TPI 185 

  • Bead Type


  • Tire Pressure Recommended

    85-145 PSI (6-10 bar)

  • Feature Details

    Continuum Compound


    B Proof - Aramid Belt

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