• 23Nov2015

    VeeTireCo. 2016 Brochure

    Click the logo below to view the full 2016 brochure.

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  • 23Nov2015

    Road range triumphs reviews! showing plenty of love towards the VeeTireCo. road range!

    Of course we're bias towards our own products, but when those products are in the hands of the journalists and bike tech's we're always waiting with sweaty palms in anticipation of reading their positive and negative comments.
    Fortunately for us, we're confident in our products and, well... does the talking. Below outlines their findings when riding our rubber over the past 6 months, we couldn't be happier!

    Rain Runner - £32.99 (£26.99 for a limited time only)


    Verdict - 8/10

    Ultimately, these have popped some extra sparkle into long, steady autumnal rides, and while I'd opt for something a bit harder wearing for commuting and when the gritting lorries come out, the Rain Runners have lived up to their name, and come highly recommended for training or just high speed fun.

    The full Rain Runner review can be found here.
    The Rain Runner can be purchased here.

    Road Runner - £32.99 (£26.99 for a limited time only)

    Vee Tire Co Road Runner Tyre

    Verdict - 9/10

    Overall the Road Runners are very good tyres, easily matching the ride quality and grip of the Conti GP4000S II and Michelin Pro 4 Endurance models I pitted them against. The price is decent as far as RRP goes. Fast-rolling, supple tyre that offers confidence-inspiring cornering grip, and sensibly priced at RRP.

    The full Road Runner review can be found here.
    The Road Runner can be purchased here.

    Apache - £29.99 

    Vee Tire Co Apache

    Verdict - 7/10

    Overall the Vee Tire's Apaches are decent performers, especially in the dry. They offer low rolling resistance and loads of grip which lets you keep the pace up on the twisty sections and they're good enough to be raced on. The only real issue is the lack of puncture protection which becomes risky if you are racing or riding in wet weather. If you're only going to use them on your dry day bike I think the sacrifice is worth it for the weight advantage. (For added puncture resistance, there's a Synthesis sidewall option!)

    The full apache review can be found here.
    The Apache tyre can be purchase here.



  • 31Oct2014

    Vee Tire Co. OEM Tyre Book

    Our official OEM Tyre book is now available. Please click the link above to access and view the full document or contact us to request a digital copy.


  • 31Oct2014

    2014/2015 Vee Tire Co. Catalogue

    Our official 2014/2015 Catalogue is now available! Please click the link above to access and view the full document or contact today us to request a digital copy.


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