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  • 12Jan2016

    Snow Bike Festival 2016

    SnowBikeFestival_Logo-01Where has time gone?!

    This time next week, our John will be packing his bags for an overseas, alpine adventure in Gstaad, Switzerland.

    The inaugural event in 2015 saw competitors from 20 countries entered, ensuring a genuinely international atmosphere. Europe’s first winter festival of Snow Biking was a heady mix of fun, both on and off the slopes. The second edition will take place in GSTAAD from January 22 – 24, 2016 and will feature a 3 Day Stage Race, Eliminator Night Race, Fun Ride, Snow Bike Party & Fat Bike and MTB EXPO.

    Besides action-packed events such as the Eliminator Night race, the Fat Bike and MTB EXPO will also give the key players in the bike industry an opportunity to exhibit to the rapidly growing Fat Bike and MTB market. The EXPO is hosted indoors in a heated venue where exhibitors will be promoting their bikes and associated products to riders, skiers, spectators and the many other day visitors to GSTAAD. If you're in the area, make sure to swing by!

    The Snow Bike Festival origins lie in the demand for winter riding opportunities in Europe, where there are few formal events other than one or two aimed at extreme adventurers. With that in mind along with a huge range of snow bike trails, hearty meals and great facilities at the Sporting Centre in GSTAAD, there will be no reason to visit elsewhere this winter! Or next winter for that matter.

    Watch this space for more on the event after it has taken place... Just wait for those pictures and turn green with envy!


    The second edition of Europe’s first Snow Bike Festival will t


  • 03Aug2015

    Enduro Geoff - AKA Bambi...

    Geoff recently took part in his first ever enduro race, the QECP Summer Enduro, although it was perhaps a little more wintery but hey, he still had fun... Here's what he has to say!

    "It’s 8am on Sunday morning and unfortunately the weather forecast is correct, the rain is coming down and shows no sign of slowing down or getting any better in a hurry. In less than a few hours it’s the start of my first Enduro race at the QECP, what a day to give something a go you’ve A: never done before and B: never ridden the venue before. Oh well, here goes.
    As we pull on to the QECP venue we’re greeted by the usual motor cade of VW Transporters and pimped out VW Caddy’s. Muddy faces and drive trains thick with mud are common place as the seasoned Enduro riders session the super slick stages, looking to make up any time available for the flat out race run they’ll later embark on. I on the other hand, opt to stay dry under the VeeTireCo. EZ-up and venture out at the last minute in order to stay dry.
    The turnout for the day is outstanding despite the adverse weather conditions. Riders of all ages and abilities are all mingling with one another discussing lines, tyre choice and if they’re wearing goggles or glasses. Everyone seems happy to just talk bikes and where they’ve been riding or where they’re off riding next weekend, it’s a real community spirit.
    Time ticks on and the elite riders are starting to get ready for the off so think it’s about time to put on my riding kit. I’m not the most colour co-ordinated of riders but don’t really care as in a few minutes all will be a muddy brown colour.
    My number is called and I’m in the line waiting ready to go. “Ready….. 3,2,1 go” I’m off, straight into the first transition. A steep mud fest which immediately causes the tyres to fill and the bike to slide sideways. Mud is soon covering the whole bike and has stuck to the front mudguard, causing the front tyre to grind to a holt in one clogged up mess! I’m off the bike in a matter of minutes to take off the mud guard and I haven’t even done my first stage!
    Back on the bike the mud is now throwing itself all over my face and my glasses are now steaming up so it’s off with them too, it’s time to embrace a face full of mud for the rest of the day.
    Stages go well and I manage to keep the bike the correct way up, even though I look like Bambi on ice I can’t take the smile off my face. The marshals and spectators lining the stages all give out encouragement even though they must be cold and wet themselves. No one passes them without a cheer.
    On to the last transition and people are still full of smiles and banter on the way up. Everyone is tired but no one has any regrets about coming out in the rain for a day’s racing. Realising it’s the last stage and the thought of warm clean clothes spurs me on to pedal a little faster. The finish is right opposite the van and the first thing I do is go straight to the timing tent to see how I’ve done.
    Well, no surprises that I haven’t won but have finished about mid pack which I’m more than happy with. The elite riders have put minutes in to me and it makes me realise just how fast those boys really are even in these bad conditions.
    First enduro done and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. It was so great to feel the friendly atmosphere from all the riders who were all more than willing to help each other out. The marshals and spectators that give up their time to help run the event and give encouragement did a job way above A grade and finally, the event organisers, QECP Collective, what a great bunch of people that gave up not only their weekend but many other weekends and evenings clearing the trails ready for the weekends racing.
    Will I do another event? Hell, yes! It’s one of the most friendly competitions I think I’ve ever done!"

    Geoff was running the Crown F and Crown Gem combination which can be found here.


  • 21Jul2014

    2014 USA BMX National Schedule

    USA BMX is pleased to announce all 29 stops in the 2014 National Schedule. While we will be returning to many of the towns that we have worked with in the past, USA BMX is also thrilled to add some first-time locations and return to previous facilities. Among the big changes, USA BMX has listened to the membership and added national events in the states of Washington, Michigan and Colorado. Other towns and states - such as Reno and Louisville, California and Pennsylvania, will be getting two events this year.
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